Continuing Professional development (CPD)

As a professional that enjoys continual learning, and to keep my membership with physiotherapy associations upto date, I have to complete 21 hours of CPD every year, quite a challenge when you live in the North of England, as most CPD courses are run in the South of England.  However, with the popularity of online webinars, and zoom meetings, finding CPD has become a lot easier nowadays.

CPD - canine

To enhance my skills for canine rehabilitation, I have undertaken a number of informative CPD webinars on common injuries.  Please see below for details.


  • The Canine Shoulder, selected shoulder disorders and their management with physical therapy

  • Identifying complications in the Post Operative Period

  • Canine First Aid

  • Toto Fit Conditioning of the Canine Athlete

  • Tissue Repair and Therapy Intervention

  • Rehabilitation for the Cat

  • Regenerative Medicine

  • Orthotics and prosthetics webinar

  • Muscle Activation in Cruciate Disease

  • Degenerative myelopathy:  A multimodal approach

  • Joint Mobilisations  Canine

  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injuries - Therapeutic Modalities and Rehabilitation

  • Therapeutic Techniques

  • and many more!

CPD - Equine

  • Core strength exercising and training

  • Horse, Saddle & Rider evaluation (LANTRA Accredited)

  • Polework and the importance in rehabilitation

  • Kissing spines - why and how does it affect the horse

  • Dissection of the horse with Sharon Davies

  • Saddle Fit assessment

  • and many more!

  • Cervical malformation with Sharon Davies

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