I have prepared some guidelines for you to read PRIOR to your appointment and AFTER your appointment.

Please ensure you have read these as they are important information for you whilst I am providing your horse with a treatment.


Please ensure you have payment- cheques are not currently accepted.

I do have a card machine that works via internet, but it will only work if there is internet available.  There will be an additional charge of £1 processing fee.

If you are not there on the day of treatment, then please ensure you have made a payment via BACS the day BEFORE the treatment.

Weather conditions

Whilst I love the sunshine, working on your horse outside in hot weather is not comfortable for either of us.  Please ensure you have shelter for hot weather or raining conditions.  


I appreciate that at times you may need to cancel, however, if you DO NOT provide 24 hours notice, there will be a cancellation fee 


Yes, sat navs are great and do sometimes get me to the yard door!  However, if you are rural, please provide me with additional directions and information to help me find you and get there on time.

Holding your horse during the appointment

Please do not tie your horse up to cross ties, metal rings on walls, or other, I would prefer your horse to either be loose or held loosely by you.  If your horse moves, please do not discipline them, as I like your horse to be able to move during a treatment, and the pace is always dictated by them

During the treatment

I know it is difficult sometimes to keep your hands away from your horse during the treatment, but if you can keep hands off whilst I am there it is a massive help for them.  And it helps make sure that all their concentration is on me and then I can  connect with them and feel and see what they are telling me.

Does the owner need to be there?

The first appointment I will require the owner to be there, to provide a trot up, answer questions about tack, and how the horse is going under saddle, and to reassure the horse.  Once I have established a relationship with your horse and you, I am happy to treat your horse without you, if you are.

A nice, clean, dry horse please

Please have the horse ready when I arrive (they must be dry, I cannot work effectively on a wet horse) and have them in a space they are comfortable in, I'm more than happy to work on them in the paddock.

White Horse

After Treatment

After treatment, your horse may feel a bit sore, please allow your horse a day or two off work to recover.  If this is not possible, please just have a light hack and avoid any collected or strenuous exercise.

If they have had a prep treatment for competition, then all systems go as normal and good luck!

Image by Vincent Botta

After Treatment

Working on your horse can sometimes identify other issues, it can be a bit of detective work and this may mean that the primary issue we work on may flag another issue that has been hidden.


  Please do not be alarmed and if your horse seems worse for a day or two after treatment, this is normal, but please do contact me if you have any concerns.