Black Dog



Have you noticed your dog having any of the problems listed below?

  • Recently undergone surgery, or suffered an injury or an accident

  • Lost enthusiasm for playing and running or gets tired on walks

  • Reluctant to jump in the car or onto the sofa

  • Developed difficulty going up or down stairs

  • Become generally stiff or weak

  • Shown signs of tenderness to touch

  • Shown signs of lost mobility or function associated with old age or arthritis

  • Developed a behavior problem

  • Recently shown a loss of performance (competition dogs)

  • Stiffness after rest

  • Scuffing of hindlimb toe nails

  • Change in spinal posture

Like us, dogs can have aches and pains and injuries, unlike us, they are unable to let us know by telling us. Instead, dogs will exhibit behavioural changes when they are and these are our clues to notice that something is not quite right with your pet and it may need some help.



First appointment

1.5 hours 

Follow up appointments

45 minutes