patella luxation

What is a luxating patella?

A normal healthy knee bends and the kneekep cap slides up and down the groove.  However, when the kneecap slips out of the groove, this is not healthy and is called a luxating patella.

When this happens, it stops the knee from bending, causes a limp and rubs past the bone as it slips, which over time, can cause pain and arthritis

Patella luxation can affect one or both knees, and varies from grade 1 to grade 4 in dogs.

It can also be present in horses, known as 'sticky stifle', and can be due to growth spurts,  conformational faults, abnormal stifle angulation, a sudden growth spurt and pregnancy.

How can Physio help?

Rehabilitation can promote a more rapid return to normal function by

  • Maintaining normal range of motion in the joints

  • Maintaining or increasing muscle development

  • Improving balance and co-ordination.

  • Speed up recovery and increase the likelihood of an excellent outcome.