I am a member of The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP) and Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and a member of the Trusted Trader Scheme

Browns Vet Physio are passionate about the care and welfare of your animals.




Welcome to Browns Vet Physio

This is a local business providing physiotherapy treatment for equines and canines in the

South of Scotland, The Borders and Cumbria.

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Browns Veterinary Physiotherapy is managed by me, Melanie Brown BSc (Hons), PgC, a member of The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP) and Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and a member of the Trusted Trader Scheme.   I started my studies with a FdSC in Equine Sports Science and coaching and went on to complete a 4 year BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Science degree, plus undertaken a  2 year postgraduate course in Veterinary Physiotherapy, gaining 90 credits at Levels 6 and 7. 


RAMP and IRVAP members meet the Gold Standard of practice either by qualification, evidenced experience, or CPD, and demonstrates to both animal owners and the veterinary profession that those listed are safe to treat the animals in their care.  We follow a strict code of conduct, work within their scope of practice, comply with undertaking 25 hours of CPD annually and have appropriate insurance and offers vets, members of the public and other paraprofessionals the reassurance they need to refer safely to, and/or work closely with RAMP & IRVAP practitioners.

I have been lucky enough to have horses from a very young age, when my mum taught me to ride, and I have had the pleasure of owning a number ponies and horses over the years, and I have competed at County level with show ponies and also dressage, show jumping and cross country.  In addition, I have been employed within a number of equine yards, including, studs, riding stables, racing, dressage and rehabilitation yards.


I have over 35 years experience with dogs, cats and horses, and I am a keen horsewoman and dog lover.  At the moment, I have two horses, two dogs and one cat, who all keep me busy :).

I look forward to meeting you and your animal, or animals, below are a few pics of mine :) x


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Does your dog need physio?

Recently undergone surgery, or suffered an injury or an accident

Lost enthusiasm for playing and running or gets tired on walks

Reluctant to jump in the car or onto the sofa

Developed difficulty going up or down stairs

Become generally stiff or weak

Shown signs of tenderness to touch

Shown signs of lost mobility or function

associated with old age or arthritis

Developed a behavior problem

Recently shown a loss of performance (competition dogs)


Stiffness after rest


Scuffing of hindlimb toe nails


Change in spinal posture

Initial consultation  £45.00

Follow up appointment £40.00


Does your horse need physio?

Difficulty striking off in canter or maintaining certain canter lead

Head shaking during ridden work


Head tilting

Disuniting in canter

Behavior changes - rearing, bucking, napping

Difference in movement and gait, lameness, brushing of hind legs

Reluctance to jump, or knocking down poles, or tripping when conducting pole work

Difference in muscle development, loss of muscle or over development

Stiffness on one side or hanging on one particular rein when being ridden

Does your horse avoid using its back - and work hollow

Does your horse have a 'cold back'

Initial consultation  £50.00

Follow up appointment £45.00


Learn why these 3 simple things can help in your rehab plan after kissing spine surgery.

  • This free download will give you some info on how to improve your horse's flexibility and build strength

  • How by adding these small changes you can help  your horse build muscle in their back

  • These exercises are easy and can be fitted into your exercise rehab plan




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